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Is it just me or was the first book far better.

Sempre: Redemption (Forever, #2) - J.M. Darhower


It dragged. It was too long and needed a good editing. Also Haeven's innocence/naivete was exaggerated. Actually while I'm at it many scenes were terribly unrealistic, and I don't mean the fiction part, I meant how charterers acted and interacted, they felt like puppets.

What else... Here are some passages that made me cringe :


  • Haeven saving the kitten.


  • How she gets the guy to take care of it.


  • How Corrado introduces himself to Haeven' neighbor when it's not necessary for her to know him anymore.

“Do you know who I am?” he prompted.
“An officer of some kind?” she asked. “Isn’t that what we decided?”
Corrado smirked. “I’m Corrado Moretti. My father, Vito, died in prison while doing a life sentence for a murder commissioned by Antonio DeMarco.” He pointed to Carmine. “Antonio was his grandfather. His name’s Carmine DeMarco, and his father, Vincent, died in a shootout at Salvatore Capozzi’s house.” He pointed to Haven. “Salvatore was her great-uncle. Her name’s Haven Antonelli, and her father, Michael . . . well . . . let’s just say it all comes full circle.”
Kelsey gaped at him, her mouth hanging open.
“We’re a family,” he continued. “Sometimes we fight, and sometimes we go our separate ways, but at the end of the day, we’re still a family. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”
After a few seconds of hesitation, Kelsey nodded. “I grew up in New York. I know all about the, uh . . .”
“The family,” Corrado said, finishing her sentence for her.

I mean did he really need to share that much info? And give her everyone's freaking full name.


  • Another one is the conversation between Corrado and Gavin

"... I know you said she’s important to your family, but she’s just a girl . . . a regular girl. Being with her wasn’t work. It was kind of nice. And my father . . . well . . . one thing he did teach me was you don’t rob a friend. And taking this feels a hell of a lot like stealing.”
Corrado took the envelope and slipped it back into his coat with a shake of his head. “How did she get to you?”
“I’m just curious how she won you over,” he replied. “How she got under your skin and made it worth risking offending me by refusing my money.”
Gavin sighed, his eyes drifting across the room to where a small white kitten lay, fast asleep in the corner. “Honestly? I don’t know how it happened.”
Corrado stared at him for a moment before turning to leave. “They never do.” 

Does this sound like something two mafiosi would say to each other? Imagine this: 'The Godfather': soap opera edition.


I liked the first book, this one was too long and the narrative was choppy I think. I wasted too much time reading about Haven and Carmen's every step in their lives. I wanted to just finish it and go on with my life.