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26% I like Claire again

Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

Clair and I have a love/hate relationship. I admit to wanting to pull a Tony on her meek ass on numerous occasions, but right now as in the end of book one (when she stood up for herself ) I'm rooting for her again. 


Now we're talking, I want to see him squirm. 

I wonder if he would cry.I guess we'll see.

Payback time.

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I'm giving up. I'll finish the book I have to, but I'm giving up on whatever hopes I had for this book to redeem the series.Clair and Tony presented as a romantic couple are never going to work for me. Contrarily  to Claire, I do not have amnesia, I don't do compartmentalization ( the author's way to ignore the issues she created at the very beginning and just sweep them under the rug) every other character besides Claire sees everything perfectly. 

I can't enjoy a book when I want to main couple to break up and the 'hero' to die. And this is obviously where things are headed. They are portrayed as having this epic love, their reunion here at 30% makes me want to throw stuff at the wall. So, this is not going to be a happy ride.