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Convicted  - Aleatha Romig

I refrained from making a judgement about the previous books until I have finished the series.



I hated the first one but found myself captivated by the end, I was expecting a different Claire, a stronger one, one who would avenge herself and grow into a woman who could stand toe to toe with her abuser. She did that... for the briefest while and then she turned around and went back to provoking me into strangling her.


I don't like reading about abused women who just lay down and take it, or convince themselves it's not that bad, or -oh god it disgusts me to even say it- adapt (argh!) .

It happens enough in real life, for these books to have a purpose, there needs to be something more, and THAT is what I'm hoping to get from this last book. A strong Claire, a Claire who if put back in book one would not take shit from anyone, and would not be grateful for her captor when they... I'm deviating from my subject, what I want the big picture to compensate for what Claire's lack of spine. I don't want to find out I've struggled through the emotional torture of 'Consequences' and 'Truth' for nothing.