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Never Too Far - Abbi Glines It was predictable, I've already guessed what the major event that was going to get them back together was. If I may say so, it was really stupid of her to just ask him not to pull out while he wasn't wearing a condom, and she wasn't on the pill, then be surprised she got pregnant. She didn't even consider getting the morning after pill.

Most of the drama was either caused by misunderstandings that are far-fetched and easily resolved (and could have been all together avoided with some logical thinking and a little more self-confidence ), or related to Rush's family's hate of Blair. Both were overused through this book.

The graveling scenes were moving at first, but the repetition killed it for me. By the end I kept thinking 'here we go again' whenever Blair got her feelings hurt and wanted to leave and then Rush came in to beg her forgiveness . The only surprise for me was Nan's accident, ans Rush's reaction but I still expected Blair to doubt her role in his life again and... never mind. It wasn't a terrible read, but I was bored and exasperated a lot.