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Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry 5 stars for the first 93%. 1 star for the end.

I loved everything except the ending.I felt cheated.

Her mother is a lost cause, we've known it from the start , but all through the book her father(who is a terrible person in my opinion) and his self-centered ex-baby-sitter-wife had a huge part in her misery, and got off too easily.

They didn't deserve forgiveness. Up until the end the father chose his wife over her, his daughter has a break down, and she's laying unconscious on a hospital bed, and he's 'helping his wife feed the new baby'. Furthermore, he only showed Echo affection after she apologized to Ashley.

A blinding rage went through me reading those scenes , it's like all the pain and betrayal they put her through was swept under the rug. I can't accept that.
Also, Echo's apologies felt like she was blaming herself for the state of her relationship .
Mcgarry tried to wrap everything up too neatly, and the result felt ... unnatural, and it also left me bitter .