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Real - Katy Evans The blurb was promising, however the execution failed to deliver in my humble opinion.
Main issues I had with this book:

1- Melanie, the best friend, she kept getting on my nerves. I thought she was immature

2- Brook, the protagonist and sadly the one who's pov we get. She came across as shallow, she objectifies Remy for a long time before she starts to know him. All we hear is how physically attractive he is, it makes me think less of her.

3- Remy's condition is used as a plot device, and to hear the author, you'd think it's something out of a pnr.

4- Some readers appreciated the playlist we get through the book, to sot of, set the mood for a scene. I'm not one of them. I felt like she was telling me how to feel, and I don't like the song she used to begin with.

5-Nora, getting a personality make over, just because it's convenient.

6-The romance felt rushed, and therefore I found it not believable.
Sigh, I will not be reading the sequel.