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Surrender Your Love - J.C. Reed 2 stars = meh.

It was not for me. Too much feelings too fast. They fell in love in two weeks? I'm not buying it. I need some realism with my romance and I also like to be taken by surprise every now and then. The twist at the end was unexpected I'll give it that, but every thing else followed the popular formula everyone is selling these days: rich hot womanizer fall for responsible pretty-but-she-doesn't-know-it girl, they agree to physical relationship with no strings attached, he catches feelings and in the end he screws-up and she leaves him to wallow in despair even though she loves him too.

Cue Book 2 : The grovelling

I could predict everything that happened from the first few chapters, needless to say, I couldn't get emotionally involved and I was bored to tears reading about a relationship I've read about a dozen times before, the only differences being, the names, and professions(even the trusty, sexually adventurous best friend/roommate was there).

If the previous points don't bother you much, go ahead and give it a chance, the writing is not terrible (I wont be gushing over the prose anytime soon) and there wasn't a reason for me to one-star it.