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First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones 3.5 stars
'Charley must be Loralai Gilmore's long lost twin' the thought kept hitting me every time I picked a book in this series. Seriously, if you have watched the Gilmore girls, you would know what I mean.
I have finished the 4 books that are already out, and I'm waiting for the fifth. And I LOVE Charley, and here is why:She's smart, confident, independent,she can tell the difference between being in love and being in lust, she has her priorities straight( her romantic interest in Reyes doesn't eclipse her work responsibility and neither does he turn into a psycho/mess over her which is refreshing).Don't get me wrong fireworks go off whenever they're together, but they're not all over each other all the time.

BUT! As much as I hate to say this, the funny tone of the storytelling kinda ruined it at moments. See when I 5star a book, it means that it had me under its spell the whole time, that I was so immersed in it my heart beats faster and I'm tensed at the edge of my seat, It has to make me FEEL something intense. And sadly, it didn't deliver in that particular department. Books 3 and 4 are handling it better, but the only thing that got me there was the characters. Thumbs up for the characters!

What else... the general arc is what got me hooked, and unfortunately for me, the main focus of each book is the case Charley is working on, I didn't care much for it, since I knew the characters involved were fleeting and I just kept skipping to the good parts that included the main cast, which was mostly the last few chapters, after the case was wrapped-up.