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Whitney, My Love - Judith McNaught Many are gushing about what a strong female protagonist Whitney is. I beg to differ.
Whitney might have given me a good first impression, she had a mouth on her and always had a comeback at the ready, I loved that.

But when push came to shove, she just bend over and took it like the meek spineless doormat she secretly was.
I fell in love with a strong-willed teen filled with potential, and was bitterly disappointed to see what has become.

this saying seems to apply perfectly to Whitney's case description

Her short term memory never ceased to amaze me. Every time she forgave Clayton and acted like his offense never happened, the feminist in me barfed a little bit in her mouth.He hits her not much after they meet and then they make-out?right after he took her to his knee? description
Don't even get me started on how fickle she is. She loves Paul, but she kisses Clayton back. She despises him and wants to drive him away, then she lets him hold her, she enjoys his company and she even gets jealous of him.I just can not stand her.
Yeaaah, I don't like her.

I'm not even willing to give it an other star for the writing style, and the story telling. I hate the message this book sends, I hate it with an all consuming one-stared passion.

How can this even be considered a romance, this is so effed up.