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The Silver Devil - Teresa Denys

I don't know how to rate this.I promised myself after he raped her that I will give this book one star, no, actually I did that when she found that she loved him not too long after he did that. I just can not forgive her for forgiving him.

I honestly, until now I cannot accept it, and I had to mentally tuck that fact in a corner so I can finish the book I could not help thinking that in her shoes, I would murder him in his sleep.

( even though, to me, falling in love with her captor proved her to have a very short memory,or perhaps she doesn't think much of herself due to the gap in their social standings, or the abused she suffered all her life.)

HE was self-absorbed, cruel and heartless, SHE was just trying to survive, she was not exceptionally courageous, or intelligent, and but _except from see rant above above_ what happened to her was what to be expected when she was taken.She could not save herself and tried to play the hand she was dealt and did what probably most women in that century would have done.

However, now that I have finished it, rating it 1 star would be hypocritical since I just could not put it down. I was sucked inside the story,I was expecting due to the genre, that the issues were going to be resolved the obvious, easy way.But it seem that everything that could go wrong did, and I was completely absorbed in it all through all the book.

Anyway, this book you can hate, love or hate to love, but it would not bore you, and it would not leave you indifferent. I know that I don't regret the time I spend on it.Unless you're looking for a typical romance, or a romance at all, in that case forget it.