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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout It should have been a novella or a short story. There is not nearly enough material for novel ( even though it wasn't especially long).

What else...
-The story was predictable, and far from original.
-The plot devices were weak, based on misunderstandings and insecurities and a lack of communication. I would have forgiven the fact that this was a 'beautiful disaster' re-heated if it was done better, if the characters felt real and got me emotionally invested in their story, if I was taken by surprise once in a while. This was text book bad boy/player on innocent/virginal girl.

-Another problem was the characters' "voice", they came across as very immature. Kyler curses like a preteen, and Sydney's cause for her low self-esteem makes me want to shake her.
-It was cheesy.
-Internal monologues re-hashing what little action there is, without adding depth to the characters or giving any useful insight.

To finish, a few pearls I picked along this dreary journey

Boy, was my assumption so far off it was ridiculous.

The fucking world stopped. People say that shit happens when you hear something completely unexpected and shocking, and I thought it was just people being melodramatic, but hell if it wasn’t true. The fucking world really did stop for me right then.
Syd was in love with me? She’d been in love with me?


My brain shut down as I reveled in her kiss, like a dog rolling onto his back for a belly rub.


I follow Armintrout’s work because I love her Lux series, but with this book ( and obsession, released not long ago) I feel like she’s not even trying.

I was so emotionally disconnected, they've ended-up with different people and I wouldn't have cared.

P.S: The all-girls-besides-the heroine-are-sluts thing needs to stop. We need to stop romanticizing guys treating girls like they’re disposable, just to make the heroine ‘special’. She can be special without him being an ass.